Opening a window to the past

Open from 1972 to 1997, Opryland USA was a musical show park located in Nashville, TN.

Step onboard and take a ride through a unique piece of Tennessee history! Experience Nashville’s lost Opryland theme park as it was the year it opened in 1972. Enjoy a ride on the sky ride or the antique steam engine to take in the views of the park before the time of the Grizzly River Rampage and Chaos, even before the Wabash Cannonball and the Tennessee Waltz! Visit our download page to see Opryland USA as it hasn’t been seen in fifty years.

This comprehensive reconstruction of the park is based on historic aerial photographs cross referenced with current GPS data of the area to ensure that Opryland VR is built to scale. Historic fact sheets from the year 1979 detailed the height and length of every park attraction, providing the data critical to creating exact replicas of the most beloved rides of the early era.

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“Opryland is a celebration of the senses. It’s that sentimental slice of yesterday that hangs on like an old song, a melody that never ends even after the words are misplaced and forgotten. It pricks the memory, then soothes it. It bewitches. For it glances, if nothing more, at the growing-up years, the courting years, the hard work years of all mankind. You can find any day of your life tucked away somewhere in the looking glass that is Opryland.”

-Caleb Pirtle III, The Grandest Day 1979

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