Install Tutorial

Quest 2 Custom Environment

This short tutorial will walk you through the necessary steps to install 3rd party applications on the Oculus Quest 2.
If your Quest is already in developer mode and you have SideQuest installed on your computer, click here


The Quest 2 by default blocks 3rd party applications unless it is placed in developer mode. The process to place the Quest 2 into developer mode is fairly simple and straight forward. Once your Quest is in developer mode, you will need SideQuest to install the application onto the headset. SideQuest is a program that allows a computer to exchange data with the Oculus Quest 2. The SideQuest website also houses quite a few custom environments and 3rd party games. Watch this video for a general overview of installing SideQuest.

Pre-Install Checklist

Sign up for free Developer Account
Quest 2 in Developer Mode
Install SideQuest on PC

Before You Begin

Sign Up for Free Developer Account

Click here to sign up for a Meta Developer Account. Follow the steps to connect your Facebook account or create an unlinked account with an email address. (Note: support for unlinked accounts is scheduled to end Jan 2023. Linking your account through Facebook is recommended)
When prompted for an Organization name, you can just put your own name.
Review and accept the terms to complete your account creation.

Turn On Developer Mode

Two options for activating Dev Mode:

Phone App
Power on Quest 2 headset
On Phone, open Oculus app
Locate Menu in lower right corner
Select “Devices” from Menu
Select your Quest
Toggle on “Developer Mode” switch
Meta Quest Developer Hub

We strongly recommend using the phone app to activate developer mode. If this is not an option, click here For an In depth look at how to download and install the Meta Quest Developer Hub.

Install SideQuest

SideQuest is a 3rd party PC program that allows your computer to install 3rd party applications onto your Quest 2. We recommend watching this video for complete instructions.

Download Advanced Installer
Download and Install drivers (link in video mentioned above)
Open SideQuest on your computer
Put Quest 2 in developer mode and connect to PC via USB-C
Inside the headset, Allow USB Debugging and allow access to data
Check Sidequest for a green circle in the top left hand corner to indicate the Quest is connected

Installing the Opryland Custom Environment

Download and extract the zip folder containing the two Custom Environment files. They are identical except one has sound.
Open SideQuest on your computer and connect your headset via USB-C
On the top right of the screen, select “install apk from computer” Navigate to the location of the extracted zip folder and select the .apk you want to install.
In your Quest 2 headset, navigate to Settings –> Personalize –> Virtual Environment
Navigate to the bottom of the list and select your Opryland VR custom environment